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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let's get the season started…...

Here is the first of my Christmas creations… I had so much fun making these.

They are for a swap I am participating in over at ArtCharms yahoo group.

They are made from goodies from my local reuse/recycle factory recycle store Learning from Scratch. I used metal caps, bead snowmen from a necklace and rubber caps. Put some scrapbook paper in the back, punched a hole in the top to create a loop with a head pin and covered the inside edges with snow paint and some glitter. I filled the cavity partially with ice resin after it hardened added some white mica flakes and watch gears. Then added another layer of resin to seal the parts in. Added some ribbon and a curled ornament hook to finish them off.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What a month!!!! But I guess late is better than never

October is usually my most active month. This year I came down with a flu/cold/whatever thing. It knocked me off my feet for more than a month. I'm still not awfully recovered.. Here is is what I did create.

I had a one for one apothecary bottle swap. I had this glass bell ornament from Melissa Frances, 1962 Embellishments line and thought how cool this would look. The cat/poison apple statue is a big box item that I had in my stash.

The bats are a La-La Land Crafts die that I absolutely love. I cut the bats from Lucky Squirrel black shrink plastic, prepunched a hole and attached the wire before shrinking.

My vampire blood vile is a old watch parts glass tube I had picked up at an estate sale colored with some alcohol ink.

Fairy fingers are bits and pieces from a plastic skeleton I have cut apart and used here and there. The base is covered with some scrap halloween paper and has some moss scattered around. I hope my swap partner enjoys this as much as I have making it.

Here are some tags I created for a swap in my yahoo group AlteredWithOutLimits. These were fun. Took a #8 tag and layers paint and inks to give the spooky effect. This haunted house is a die also from La-La Land Crafts. More shrink plastic bats. The pumpkins are also shrink plastic.

My last project was a haunted house page for another swap in my yahoo group.

I created my page with a spooky word background. Spritzed it with some orange and yellow and stamped a couple of images on. Several Tim Holtz items to be found here..the house, crow and cat and the gingerbread on the bottom. More shrink plastic was used. My little monster in the windows are fake fingernails. Not sure where I found them but thought they would be a fun addition.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting my creep on with Barbie

I recently hosted a swap over at ArtCharms called Getting Your Creep on. The specifications of the swap was to use doll/body parts. I started out with 10 Barbie dolls and created 33 "creepy" charms.

I started out pulling off Barbies head. I used the face portion of the head and maneuvered them to fit in a bottle cap. I then pounded over the edge to help hold them in place.

I had to use those cute little ears hidden under all that hair. I had these cute little bottles that I thought would make a great vessel to hold the ears.

For my last charm I used Barbies hands. I used a brass cap to cover the end of the hand/arm where I had cut it off and with a little bit of wire wrapping it had a completed look.

Here is my completed project with all the Get Your Creep On charms swapped over at ArtCharms.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wind-ohhh Charms

Who wouldn't like charms for their window. I had this great idea to take a beautiful fork and add some bead and a chandelier crystal. What fun to have the light reflecting off the crystals.

I started out with these great forks I found at an estate sale. Cut out the center tines and played with bending the outer one. I didn't care for the look since I was not able to get them some what the same. So in the end I cut all the times off and drilled some holes. Letter punched the word dream on each one. Wire wrapped some seed style beads around the bottom and attached my crystal. These were fun to do. I see myself searching out some more old silverware and having one hanging in each of my windows.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

For the love of bugs....Riveting, Reconstructing, Animating

I had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Chicago to take a class with Gail Crosman Moore at CREATE. Her workshop left my head spinning with ideas. We deconstructed raw brass stampings and created pieces with movement and dimension. I thought I would share my creation.

Gail shared some of her favorite coloring techniques. They ranged from alcohol inks to fingernail polish to rub and buff and gilders paste.  I loved the idea of fingernail polish. I used this wonderful lime green on by bugs body, his head is actually orange in color and his wings are purple. His short wings are what give movement to my creation. I'm still working what I'm going to hang him from.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer time... summer time... summer time

Where has the summer gone. It's hard to believe it is the middle of August already. I have been slacking on posting here. And sigh!!! that was one of my goals this year was to be better.  I have been extremely busy this summer. My mom and her new husband visiting, having my grandkids for a visit, 70th birthdays (for my uncles not me), grand kids birthdays, the list goes on and on..

One of my joys is my camera. Now I have a nice camera and I don't use it to its full potential. And at times treat it like its a point and shoot (shame on me). For the most part the pictures I take are for me.. I thought I would share some with you. I must say the sassy goose was taken by my grand son (13) while he was here on a visit. I love this picture..

I have this butterfly bush. Now this year its not as spectacular as it has been in years past. But my family eagerly awaits for it to blossom each year to watch our butterfly/pretty moth visitors. The monarchs are the trickiest to photograph, they are flighty when a unknown object is moving around but I was able to get this shot.. but believe me it took a bit of snap and wait for him to land again and try over.

Now I know there are "rules" as to what is a butterfly and what is a moth.. we just like the beauty of them. A couple of years ago the bush was huge and loaded with flowers.. it drooped being so heavy with blooms and we had hundreds... yes hundreds of monarchs and other flying beauties. this year not so much.

Today was a bumble bee day. The bush is loaded with them collecting nectar. So many in fact I snapped a couple of pics and got out of there.

Here is one last pic of a visitor to my butterfly bush.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Neighbors... fairies have arrived.

It started out as a simple project. I had this bird cage that I just love. The bent wire hearts on the doors just spoke to me. I have had it tucked away for some time. I was cleaning out my flower bed and realized my hen and chicks could use a cleaning out. I remembered the bird cage and thought how cool would that be.

I transplanted the hens and chicks and they took right off. Found the Dragons tail and it was coming together. How about a fairy house? I shopped around a little and just wasn't finding what I had in mind.

So the decision was to make one. With some basic plumbing pvc, (3 inch pvc drain pipe for the body, 3 inch to 1 1/2 reducer for the roof and a 1 1/2 cap) and my all time favorite clay, Aves Apoxie.  I set out making my fairy house.

I mixed my apoxie clay and then rolled out a thin layer, covering the drain pipe. I then took a texture plate made by wilton for the stone texture. Pressing it around the clay covered pipe base. The clay needs to cure over night. While waiting on that I covered the roof (reducer) with mosaics.

I painted everything a very light blue and then did a wash of raw umber to highlight the stones and give a aged look to the roof.

I picked up some little fairies at a estate sale recently. She fit perfectly looking out the window. I had gotten this far and something was still missing. That is when I added the flower boxes on the windows and also decided I need to have a door. The door is covered with apoxie clay and texture mold was used to give it that wood look.

I see more of these in my future. It was fun creating and I have already thought of so many other things I would do.  I am on the search for some more miniature succulents to add to this.. I see my little fairy garden expanding.

I thought I would end showing you what I used. Also how my door and windows came about. A big thank you to my husband for cutting them out for me.