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Sunday, December 30, 2012

It has been forever since I made a post. Lots have been going on. Lots that I thought I was going to share and now have to put in the hold file.. hehe.. But all is good. I don't get too personally sentimental here on my blog. But with the New Year knocking on our door, thought I would share. My dads side of the family is a interesting mix for me. For the most part they are the village that made me the person I am today. This last year I lost one of my favorite Aunts. She encouraged me to think out of the box. The major part of this learning spirit happened the summer of 1974 (age 15) when I went to spend a few weeks with them to help out with my little cousins as my aunt had just had a new baby. As they lived in northern Michigan in the middle of no where, my aunt had signed me up for ceramics class as time away from my babysitting duties. I remember butting heads with the ceramics instructor.. I had picked out this chicken cookie jar to make.. I wanted to color it with chalks. The instructor was set on that was not how you should do it. I went home voicing to my aunt that I didn't want to paint it like the everyone else did. I had a different look for my jar.. I'm sure it was a phone call or a stop by the shop before the next week when I went back I was allowed to do what I wanted to do without any negative instruction. To this day that silly chicken is one of my favorite pieces I have made. I wouldn't change a thing I did.
In my adult life I did not see her as much as I should have... more like the usual gatherings.. weddings, funerals and a baby shower here and there.. But it was always a joy to see her and catch up. My Aunt Ruthie loved antiques.. the more unusual the better. It was always exciting to hear what new item she had acquired. And loved to see the expression of one of my cousins faces as they would roll their eyes in that what you going to do with that look. This fall was her estate sale. I took this opportunity to make the 2 and half hour drive north to wander around the property and reminisce. I didn't go up with any intention of really purchasing anything. But to my surprise the above cabinet was in the sale. It was one of her favorite pieces, the other being this awesome buffet with marble top. It needs a little bit of work.. With the help of my husband we will fix it without changing any of the outside look. The paint patina is just awesome. I am pretty sure my aunt hadn't done anything with it since she purchased it. I acquired the dust bunnies and spider goobers, probably a good thing I hadn't looked inside the drawers before I loaded it up to bring it home... lol.
Most of the drawer bottoms are made from what appears to be a stock market recording chalkboard. I love the reuse of items. Make it or fix it with materials on hand. The drawers are broken up into little compartments, with a couple full drawers. At some point in time someone decided the drawers needed to be numbered.. Adds so much character to the piece. In one of the drawers I found a baggie of linograph press letters. Could that been the use for this.. held letters in a print shop?? Wish I could get a picture of them.. but they are so small I couldn't get anything that you could see what they were. Its fun to just imagine what it might have been used for. With the little cubbies it must have had a definite purpose. The color is closer to the picture below.. much more green tone than whitish.
This piece has quickly become one of my cherished pieces. For now it will be in my living room while we do some work to sturdy it up. I think at some point it will end up in my studio. It has to be a useful piece for me.. if I can't use it to store items.. it's not much use. My aunt encouraged self expression. As long as it did not hurt others and was respectful. This lesson I have tried to follow in my life. Happy New Year everyone.

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Ally White Cat said...

Oh I love it..would be nice in any room...beautiful.
susan s.